Our Staff

In the Montessori classroom the teacher is often referred to as the Directress. This indicates the teacher's role in providing direction in facilitating a link between the prepared environment and the student. The Montessori teacher aims to channel the child's natural curiosity and energy towards meaningful and satisfying activity. The teacher observes each student's progress in order to ascertain the developmental status and individual needs. The classroom teacher presents each piece of equipment in such a way as to enable the child to direct their own learning, modelling confidence, caring and self-control.
‪Each student's progress is carefully programmed and recorded. When the student is ready, each new piece of equipment is presented in an inviting and appealing manner so as to maximise the learning experience. The teachers and educators are the guides to the classroom environment providing support and direction that matches the student's developmental needs and progress.  ‬

The educators and teaching staff employed by our service are carefully selected and highly trained. They are qualified educators all with a minimum of a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education and were further trained in the Montessori style of teaching and philosophy. Our staff's rich educational backgrounds further add to the educational experience they offer to our Service. 

They model respect and work tirelessly to serve the children and adolescents in their care. They are trained in Montessori theory and practice and are selected on the basis of their enthusiastic motivation. Under the guidance and care of their teachers, students at our Service are valuable contributors to their own learning. With encouragement and dedication, our students learn how to manage their own learning journey, skilfully supported by their guides. We remain true to the Montessori approach and believe that at the heart of our learners’ experience is skilful teaching that puts the learner in control. We are proud of the excellence and passion demonstrated by our educators, teachers and classroom assistants and the stability and deep experience of the staff leads to the establishment of a calm and stable classroom environment.

Staff Professional Development

Our trained educators regularly observe and attend meetings and seminars in many other centres and schools. Staff are engaged in further study and attend professional seminars and workshops including those run by the Montessori Australia Foundation.

Each educator offers to our Service different aspects of the Montessori philosophy and practice and are further discussed and explored. Our teachers, often holding other multiple degrees, are talented and empowered to respond to the individual needs of their students.  Classroom educators and assistants attend various Montessori workshops and observe regularly where possible other Montessori environments. ‪‎‬

“The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say,
'The children are now working as if I did not exist.'”
- Maria Montessori