Montessori Videos

Below please find a selection of videos about Montessori for your informational viewing.


Nurturing the Love of Learning: Montessori Education for the Preschool Years

This DVD originally produced by the American Montessori Society has now been upgraded to an all new high definition version which can be found on YouTube by the same name.

Imagine a School: Montessori for Elementary Age Learners

"Imagine a School: Montessori for Elementary Aged Children" combines scenes from two public and four private Montessori schools to show the effectiveness of this philosophy of education. The DVD challenges parents to "imagine a school" where education is hands-on, multi-age and takes place in a cooperative community of learners. Covers: Hands-on materials, cooperative learning, multiage learning communities, self-paced/self-initiated learning, uninterrupted work time, respect for other cultures and more.

Maria Montessori: Learn about her teachings, life and lasting legacy (Davidson Films, Inc.)

Born more than 25 years before Piaget or Vygotsky, Maria Montessori understood the constructivistic nature of all learning. As she observed children building their understanding of the world, she developed materials and approaches to education that are now used, in part, in most early childhood classrooms across the world. She realized the tremendous power of intrinsic motivation and sought to capitalize upon it, especially for children between the ages of three and six.

Montessori's conception of the changing roles the classroom environment and teacher should play for students of various ages is presented with carefully shot film of toddler, preschool, elementary school and secondary classes at work in accredited Montessori schools. Students will also learn of Dr. Montessori's own dramatic life through archival visuals and will be challenged to think about what they think are the components of exemplary educational practice.

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Preparation for Life: Montessori Infant-Toddler Communities

This is an excerpt of a parent orientation DVD for Montessori Infant-Toddler programs. It is an update of the American Montessori Society DVD "In the Beginning: The First Years of Montessori" The schools featured include Hope Montessori Infant-Toddler Community in St. Louis, Seton Montessori Infant-Toddler House in Chicago and The Montessori Childrens Center in White Plains, NY. It is available from EdVid at

Educating for Peace: The Essence of Montessori

This is a teaser for the American Montessori Society's DVD on the Montessori Peace curriculum. It is now available at The transcript for the whole video is on the website. All of Edvid's videos are available for streaming through the MRX records keeping service.

Montessori Madness

A Parent to Parent Argument for Montessori Education.

Montessori Language Curriculum Demonstrations

This is an excerpt of 19 materials demonstrations from the DVD "Montessori Language Materials Demonstrations. The complete transcript of this DVD and ordering information is available at

Foundation for Montessori Education FME AMI Sandra Girlato

How to identify a real Montessori school as reported on Global TV in Toronto, Canada. For further information visit

Montessori Australia - An Overview

The Montessori Australia Foundation (MAF) is the national body supporting the diverse Montessori movement in Australia. MAF is a not-for-profit organisation and Registered Charity that provides tailored services to schools and centres, teachers, other professionals and parents within the Montessori sector. MAF maintains communication with all Montessori programmes across Australia and acts as a clearinghouse for Montessori information and communication. We provide ‘whole of life’ support from birth to aged care, including training and professional development, publications, digital and online resources, quality assurance, and government and industry liaison.

An extensive strategic review has now brought the Montessori Australia Foundation and related organisations, the Montessori Children’s Foundation (MCF) charity and the Australian Centre for Montessori Studies (ACMS) training centre, to a more integrated structure.

This group is referred to as Montessori Australia and has four key divisions:

Educational Services
Community Services
Training Services
Resource Services

Working together under a unified strategy, but within a divisional structure, Montessori Australia is equipped to continue to provide a national voice in public and academic dialogue on educational and social issues.

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A Montessori Toddler Morning

A Montessori toddler morning showing 1-2 year olds in action.

Montessori Education

Video showing Montessori 0-3, 3-6 and 6-12 environments.

AMI Teacher Training

Video highlighting the key aspects of AMI Montessori training.

Pink Tower 1

Young boy attempting the pink tower.

Pink Tower 2

Young boy showing his growing mastery of the pink tower.

TED Talk on Montessori

Anna Lee has been described as an "educator to the bone." Lee is a first generation Korean-American from the DC region. She believes that the human potential begins within the hands of a child. In 2010, she was appointed the Director of Education at Meadows Montessori in Frederick. With thirteen years experience teaching Montessori, her dedication to early childhood education spans far beyond her years. She has also served as an Intensive Individual Support counselor for Autistic teens. An avid world traveler, she advocates and consults for Montessori programs for schools all over the world.

A Montessori Morning

A professional photographer, who is a parent from a Montessori school, took 3000 pictures of her son one morning. The results were extraordinary.

Interview Laura Shaw

An informative and entertaining interview about Montessori by Laura Flores Shaw from White Paper Press.

Studio 10 Segment on Montessori

An informative panel discussion about Montessori on Network Ten's Studio 10 morning show.