Fee Information



Crestwood Child Care Centre (the service) is open for operation from 7.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. Crestwood Child Care Centre is a Montessori inspired centre which offers a very high quality of service. We are a family based holistic service and ensure a high quality education program with individual care where required. The service offers an accredited Kindergarten (Pre-Prep) programme taught by Queensland Early Educational Teachers. Our service caters for children from three years old to school age.

A copy of the latest Parent Policies is located at the front reception counter.


This information sheet aims to explain our fee structure, and the procedures and responsibilities associated with fee payments. For further clarification of any financial matters, please see the Service Supervisor.


Full fees for 2017 are: 

Daily: $95.00
Weekly: $475.00
Waiting list application: $50.00 per child

Fees include the provision of sunscreen, hats and tissues etc.

Commonwealth Government Child Care Subsidy is available to all eligible parents Application for this subsidy can be made through Centrelink by phone on 13 61 50. https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/services/centrelink/child-care-subsidy

When communicating with Centrelink, they may require the Customer Reference Number (CRN) of the parent registered with Centrelink as well as each child who will be attending the service.

Eligible parents will pay only a percentage of full fees (the gap fee) as determined by Centrelink based on a confidential assessment of parents’ income and work activity.


There is a $50 non-refundable fee associated with the initial lodgement of a waiting list or an Enrolment Record application. An enrolment bond of $100.00 per family is required at the time of enrolment. This enrolment bond will be refunded to families who have given the required written notice to leave the Service. Failure to give two weeks’ written notice, or leaving within three months of commencing, will result in loss of the enrolment bond.

Fees are payable two weeks in advance from the first day of attendance. Children may not be permitted to attend the Service until the bond and first two weeks’ fees have been paid unless other prior arrangements have been made and confirmed to you in writing. Failure to have your account up to date may affect your child’s booking at the service. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please speak with the Service Supervisor and be assured that such discussions will remain confidential and we attempt to assist you where possible.

Statements are emailed to each family fortnightly with details of fees due, usually around the 1st and 16th of every month. For safety sake, we would prefer payment by Electronic Funds Transfer direct to our nominated bank account, [being Bank of Queensland BSB 124-001 Account no. 22199166] or cheque and should you choose to pay by cash, please ensure you receive a receipt or acknowledgement of the amount paid immediately.


Please ensure that you arrive to pick up your child/ren by 6.00 pm. A late fee of $15 per 15 minutes, or part thereof, may be charged for the first time late per year. Additional fees are charged for subsequent late pick-ups. 


It is a requirement that parents give at least two weeks’ notice in writing, if it is the intention to leave the service, otherwise two weeks’ full fees will be charged in lieu of notice – these days are not eligible for the Child Care Subsidy. Please speak to the Service Supervisor about any changes to bookings or attendances.

Please also note that if your child fails to attend the Service on the last day of your booking you may have all Child Care Subsidies withdrawn and cancelled by Centrelink. This may leave you in a situation where you may be liable for the full fees for the last two weeks of your booking even if you have given the proper written notice. Please speak to Centrelink or the Service Supervisor if you have any queries in this regard.


When going on holidays, please notify us in writing, stating the dates of non-attendance, signed and dated. 

Full fees are payable on all public holidays (other than the two-week service closure over the Christmas/New Year period), all sick days and holidays. 

Please be aware that Child Care Subsidy is currently payable for the first 42 absences in each financial year. Full fees are charged for any further absences as the days booked are exclusively held for your child’s attendance. Further details regarding payments of fees are given along with the full enrolment form and for you to retain.