Educational Equipment

Nienhuis Montessori materials meet the demands of Montessori education regarding spontaneous learning. Our high quality products enable children to become independent and critical thinkers. Our products are based on Montessori education principles and stimulate children’s’ desire to learn. They promote imagination, increase insight and create a desire for quality. Children can develop without pre-determined rules, but they do need individual guidance and supportive educational materials. We believe in personal growth and offer the necessary tools to support this.

Unique materials for unique children

A specially trained teacher should guide children in how to work independently and with a particular goal in mind. That teacher needs to prepare an educational environment in a structured way. This is only possible with materials created by skilled individuals and based on a rich tradition. For this reason, teachers across the globe choose Nienhuis Montessori materials. Our materials harness children’s natural interests. The focus on one educational objective leads to maximum concentration. Individual control creates independence. The use of bright colours and shapes entice activity and makes learning fun. Children can work individually in a natural and stress-free environment. Montessori education focusses on attention, involvement and perfection. These elements are not just critical to the use of materials but also form the basis for their creation. At Nienhuis, we combine skills with advanced technology and modern equipment. The result: Unique materials for unique children.

Our products

Montessori materials can not be seen as individual educational products. Together they form a full curriculum and support a clear educational approach. Learn more about our products.

AMI & Nienhuis

Montessori education has a firm foundation in many countries in the world, with new countries and communities expressing interest and finding their way to AMI and Nienhuis. This global appeal means that Montessori schools, educators and manufacturers led to a large worldwide network. Today Nienhuis and AMI are working closely together to forge an innovative strategic partnership in order to create new opportunities for children from all cultures and socio-economic backgrounds to experience the Montessori educational approach.

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